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From the Gorge of the Myths, to the Gorge of the Saints


Archeological sites:

Faistos, Agia Triada, Kommos,

Minoan Labyrinth, Kamares-Cave,

Roman Cemetery Matala




Matala, Pitsidia, Kokkinos

Pirgos,Tympaki, Kalamaki,

Kamilari, Sivas, Zaros, Mires
Public Camping of Matala




Matala(with a blue flag),

Kokkinos Pirgos, Kommos,

Platia Peramata, Kalamaki,

Kali Limenes, Chrisostomos,

Martzalo, Kokkini Amos, Afrateias,

Katalyki, Agio Farago, Vathi



Sites of physical beauty:

Lake of Zaros, Agio Farago,

Gorge of Agiou Nikolaou,

Apolichnon Ravine,Faneromeni dam,

forest at Rouva,

hallow of the river Koutsoulidi,

Samari peak, Psiloritis,

valley of  Messara, Geropotamos



Alternative activities and interesting places:

Walking trails, mountain refuges, bicycle paths,

testimonial villages, traditional settlements,

traditional and byzantine churches,

traditional settlement recipes and tastes,

folklore museums, olive presses, wine presses,

the Ethnological museum of Vori, Agrioulidi tower,

tower of Kourmouli , Xopatera tower,

Kainourio kasteli , the vineyard estate of Plouti




Holy monastery of Vrontisiou,

Holy monastery of  Saint Fanourios (Valsamonero),

Holy monastery of Odigitria,

Holy monastery of Apezanon,

Holy monastery Panagias Kalyvianis,

Holy monastery of Kardiotissa




Local products are found in the

entire municipality. A wide variety

of surprising, traditional taverns and

restaurants with authentic Cretan

flavors awaits you all year around.




Cultural events:

Matala Festival 2012, 2-3-4 July, at Matala

Beach volley 2012, Beach soccer 2012

International competition of traditional cuisine,

5-6-7 October, Zaros

Municipality of Festos cultured summer

with over 200 events

in all of the towns of the municipality

Carnivals’ and concerts’

Raki distillation during the autumn months

Olive collection during the winter months

Grape harvesting during the summer months






Von der Schlucht der Mythen, zu der Schlucht der Heiligen



Archäologische Plätze:

Phaistos, Agia Triada, Kommos,
Minoischen Labyrinth, Kamares-Höhle,
Römischer Friedhof Matala